ITW Color Guard

Check out this video of the Color Guard performing the presentation of the colors at ITW!



Composition of the Color Guard

The standard Marine Corps color guard consists of four individuals of approximately equal height. Two noncommissioned officers are the color bearers and two other members, junior to the color bearers, are the color guards. The senior color bearer carries the national colors and commands the color guard. The junior color bearer carries the organizational colors, which is always on the left of the national colors. (See figure below)

If a female is part of the color guard she wears trousers, and not a skirt, for uniformity. When designating the uniform for the color guard, consideration should be given to the effect that the color bearers’ slings may have on ribbons and badges. Slings are adjusted so that the colors are the same height when at the carry or, if this isn't possible, the national colors are slightly higher than the organizational colors. If necessary, have the senior color bearer slightly taller than the organizational color bearer.

All members of the color guard wear the pistol belt (white belt if in blues); the color bearers wear the pistol belt over the sling to keep the sling firmly in place. If the color guard is wearing the service cover, then they use two chin­straps. One is worn normally and the second one is worn under the chin. When only the national colors is carried, the color guard will include only one color bearer.