MCJROTC Field Trip


The Pride Battalion's Corps Of Cadets went on their first College Field Trip to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  The Field trip included an orientation to College ROTC. The Cadets were introduced to the Physical Fitness requirements when applying for a College ROTC Scholarship, and they exercised with the College ROTC Midshipmen.
The second part of the trip included the matching of Cadet's Declared Majors with the College ROTC Midshipmen Majors. The Cadets were put in groups with the Midshipmen of the same Major as them. The Cadets took a tour of the University and were shown where their classes would be. The Midshipmen mentored the Cadets about the college level courses and what they need to do while in High School to have the requirements for their planned Major in College.
This field trip will be an annual trip for the Pride Cadets.