Focused on preparing students to graduate college with degrees in STEM

STEM vision for our students:

stem vision

Aligned with our STEM Vision for students, here are exciting things going on at Speer:

Engineering (Astronautical, Environmental, Audio/Media), Robotics, Mechatronics, Public Health courses/STEM events and clubs throughout the year, as well as:

Project Lead the Way

9th grade STEM Fridays:


We want our Freshmen students to get exposed to the world of STEM. Not only do they learn about many different STEM careers in their classes, but they also go off-campus once a month to get a genuine STEM experience.  

STEM Competitions:


10th Grade STEM Summer experience:

During the summer months after Sophomore year, our students will all have the opportunity to enroll in a STEM program of their choice on a college campus.

We are just getting started on 2017's Summer of a Lifetime... In the meantime read our college readiness newsletter --> College Pride Newsletter Issue #1

STEM AP Courses:

All students that meet prerequisite requirements will have the opportunity to take all of the following AP classes:

-AP Biology

-AP Chemistry

-AP Physics

-AP Calculus 

-AP Computer Science

STEM internships:

100% of students will be enrolled in an off-campus internship their senior year to get a feel for the field they will pursue in college.