We are a Level 1+ STEM School  What does this mean?

What we offer:

ITW David Speer Academy will continue the Noble tradition of preparing students with the scholarship, discipline, and honor necessary to succeed in college. The foundations of our academic program that allow us to prepare students for college in four years include, but are not limited to:

1) STEM Curriculum - To prepare our future innovators, the ITW David Speer Academy will provide a world-class STEM curriculum and internships to 100% of its students, becoming a place in the city of Chicago where students can be exposed to and explore in depth the diverse engineering fields and careers.

2) Lengthened School Day – Students receive approximately 2,000 minutes of instructional time each week.

3) Extended School Year - The year begins in August and ends in June.

4) Accountability - Students who do not meet the expectations necessary to pass classes must retake courses at night and/or during the summer.

5) Support through Advisory - Students are a part of a single gender advisory in which students remain all four years. In advisory, students develop a close personal relationship with an advisor who helps prepare them to succeed in high school and prepare for success in college.

6) Excellent Teachers - Teachers who are selected to teach at ITW David Speer Academy go through a rigorous selection process. All teachers embody our core values, believe in the potential of all students to graduate from college and aim to be masters of their teaching craft.

7) College-Readiness Curriculum - Teachers plan their lessons across all four years using ACT’s college-readiness standards tied to each grade level.

8) Setting Ambitious Goals - Teachers set ambitious goals for their students, track student progress toward these goals, and constantly reflect on student progress.

9) Partnership and Commitment - All ITW David Speer Academy staff members, families of ITW David Speer Academy students, and ITW David Speer Academy community partners share a commitment to bettering the academic paths of our students.




Our promotion and graduation requirements are explained here in greater depth:

Promotion & Graduation